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Name:Old Life & Old Civilizations
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aliens, alpha quadrant, andorians, bajor, bajorans, beta quadrant, betazed, betazoids, breen confederacy, caitians, cardassia, cardassians, changelings, cultural relativism, delta quadrant, denobula triaxa, denobulans, diversity, edosians, el-aurians, ferengi, founders, gamma quadrant, half-humans, hur'q, idic, klingons, less dickish starfleet, live long and diaf, non-federation, ocampa, orions, particularly troubled romulans, remans, romulans, skreeans, star trek, starfleet, talarian republic, talaxians, tellarites, the borg, the coalition of planets, the dominion, the ferengi alliance, the jem'hadar, the klingon empire, the maquis, the romulan star empire, the vorta, tholian assembly, trill, tzenkethi, united federation of planets, vulcan, vulcans, xindi, yattho
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